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Nashville: The Future of Video Production


Because of its unique blend of old-fashioned charm and cutting-edge music and nightlife, Nashville has recently emerged as a popular tourist destination. The city’s abundance of picturesque settings, offbeat restaurants, and historic landmarks is ideal for any kind of filming project. Read this article to find out why Nashville is the future of video production before you make the trip to “Music City, USA.”

1. Access to Locations

There is an abundance of public transportation and easy access to parks and structures controlled by the government. Most state-owned land may be used without paying a fee. In any case, remember that if you wish to film on state-owned property, you must contact the state’s film commission through email to arrange for permission and logistics. So whether you’re a little business on the rise or an established multinational, you’ll have lots of chances to capture the wide variety of images you need. The Tennessee Film Commission states that no government laws permit filming in Tennessee. However, a permit is still recommended if your team numbers more than three or four individuals.

2. Easy Travel

Despite the city’s former nickname, nothing is no longer within a 10-minute drive in Nashville. Due to the recent increase in population, you should budget extra time for your commute: 40 minutes or more if you’re leaving between 4 and 6 in the evening. If you need to go from A to B quickly, your best bet is to use a car service like a taxi, Uber, or Lyft.

3. Great Arial Shots

The state still needs drones to acquire FAA certification before commencing to film, as great as it would be to capture overhead video of all the noteworthy sites, both urban and rural. After obtaining the necessary permissions, though, don’t forget to take advantage of your newfound freedom and snap some stunning aerial images of the Great Smoky Mountains and the Mississippi River.

4. Great Studios

Nashville has a lot of great spots for b-roll because of its long history. Music Row, home of Nashville’s music studio and record companies as well as the city’s famous Honky Tonks, makes for some fantastic classic photos showcasing the city’s status as a musical mecca. The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum is another excellent Nashville attraction. Sites like Meade Plantation add to Nashville’s varied, historic, and distinctive setting and make interesting situations for filming. 

5. Different Legacies

Although the city is steeped in a wide variety of customs, the legacy of the world’s greatest entertainers is also evident throughout the streets. The iconic Country Music Hall of Fame Music Museum in Nashville preserves the legacies of many musicians, including Elvis Presley.

6. Great Filming Spots

We spoke with several of our DPs to learn the finest spots to shoot from in order to capture the iconic Nashville skyline. It was suggested that the best places to fire from where the upper floors of carparks in the West End, close to all the hospitals. One of the most important pieces of advice they gave was to cross the river and photograph from the Shelby Street Walking Bridge looking back toward the city center. In fact, it makes for a stunning and unique final product.

7. Tennessee Prison

The Tennessee State Penitentiary is widely recognized as one of the best locations for filming, and it’s completely free of charge! Numerous music videos and movies have utilized the distinctive 19th-century edifice as the setting because it is ideal for a spooky but scary picture any time of year. The location is just a quick ten-minute drive from the heart of Nashville, making it convenient for groups of any size.

8. Beautiful Sceneries 

Distance from the city’s hustle and bustle allows you to enjoy some beautiful waterfalls. It’s possible to reach a number of stunning waterfalls within an hour or two’s drive from most major cities in the country. The waterfall in Burgess State Park is an example of this type. If you’re searching for a peaceful panoramic image, the park has plenty of rolling hills and flower meadows to choose from. Be careful to warn your staff that they might be in for some unplanned trek.

Bonus: Great Food

One of the most common types of advice requests made to DPs is suggestions for nice places to eat. Food in Nashville is where it’s at right now. The city of the song has an abundance of restaurants serving a broad variety of cuisines at a wide variety of prices. 

Caution: Weather is not Always Favorable

There’s a lot to see and do in this old and lovely city but watch out for the oncoming Tornados. reports that Nashville and the surrounding Middle Tennessee region “has roughly a dozen or more tornado watches issued yearly, and a minimum of one tornado is observed or crashes to the ground in Middle Tennessee per year.” Make sure you check the forecast, especially if you plan on filming in the spring. May typically has the largest monthly rainfall, with an average of around 5 inches.

Last Words

Nashville has everything you might possibly need for a filming location, from barbeque to speakeasies, cityscapes to a medieval state prison. In the world-famous Music City, USA, you’ll be able to capture unforgettable images that captivate viewers of all ages. Make sure you have all the necessary licenses before you begin filming, but once that’s taken care of, you may join the ranks of the city’s other legendary creators.

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