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Website Offers Convenient Tool For Comparing Home Loan Rates

DMH Systems – Home Loans South Africa is pleased to announce that people can already use its online tool for comparing various home loan companies and their rates. Online application for a mortgage can also be done through the site. The site also offers listings for property sales and rentals.

This website can be used by people who want to apply for a mortgage to buy a house. The site acts as a bond originator. Its staff would negotiate with the banks or lenders on behalf of the applicant. The application can be done through their website. This is done through filling out the online application form. After completing this step, the client’s details would be forwarded to one of their consultants. The consultant would then contact the client for further processing.

The consultant can help the client find the right mortgage type. Clients would be given information about the mortgage products and rates of various banks and lenders. The consultant can also help clients calculate possible monthly payments that the client would have to make when getting a certain mortgage product.

Anybody can apply through this website as long as they meet the requirements. Typically, clients should be less than 60 years old. Applicants should also have a good credit record, and with no payment arrears in terms of general accounts, hire-purchase payments, and bond payments.

The website also offers a lot of crucial details about the application process including its requirements. Applicants would need to prepare documents including income statements, bank statements, and salary slip, among others. The website also enlightens customers about possible costs needed in getting a mortgage including transfer fees, conveyance fees, taxes, and sundry fees.


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