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Why Wenger Admitted The Title Race Hopeless You Should Know

October 3 morning, in the Premier League Round 7 of a focus of war, Arsenal 1-2 away defeat to city rivals Tottenham Hotspur, the first seven after losing four games. After the match, Arsenal manager Arlene Wenger interview the first time, professors recognize repeat win simply unrealistic, for now, Arsenal is the most important thing is to evening dresses adjust the mentality to win the Champions League qualification. According to “ Daily Mail ” said Wenger after the game refused to Tottenham assistant coach Cliff – Allen handshake. Post-match press conference, Wenger conceals his disappointment: “ This is a cause for frustration of the game.

First half, I feel we are like to follow the rhythm of the opponent in the play. Even played it tight, and we get four chances in Ramsey to tie it at 1-1, we did not put enough pressure to give the opponent, thus enabling them to take over the game again and we now lack of confidence, we just need to have a good score when the sustain.

“ In Van der Vaart 40 minutes after the break then Adebayo pass, Mertesacker had indicated the Dutch handball earlier, while Wenger is also after wedding dress the game about this topic. Wenger said: “ conceded that people are depressed, because it was a handball. I am surprised that the linesman that time doing? Van der Vaart should receive 2 yellow cards (Van der Vaart in the 27th minute because of uprooting Ji Jacobs received the first yellow card), because he had deliberately handball. “ As for Van der Vaart ’ s wild celebrations after scoring, Wenger expressed understanding, ” into the crowd to celebrate his normal, I can understand the players after the goal make some crazy moves. “ Tablets for the team ’ s second clean sheet, Wenger said: “ We made a mistake defensively and paid the price I need to look at maternity wedding dresses a video, but Wally Disney has so far lost the ball for that regret. ”

Subsequently, the scene, a reporter asked Wenger, “ Arsenal title hopes are still competitive? ” the professor replied bitterly: “ I do not think so, I think at the moment we have set for ourselves a realistic target, with some competition Champions League team to fight seats. simply unrealistic to say the league title race, Manchester United and Manchester City we have 12 points behind, we will return to a better location to work, it more realistic. “ 67 minutes into the game, the main right-back Sagan Arsenal and Hector in the scraping was seriously injured, his face pain and was carried off a stretcher to wedding gowns the hospital directly. Wenger said after the game: “ We are very worried about his injuries, he was now being treated in hospital and now is too early to say exactly how, but the initial signs are good. Fibula need to check his ankle, which I have The news that he was very serious collision Hector, I do not know what happened, he may be injured when the landing, must be substituted immediately. “


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