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Barry Weir, Mobile Homes Expert Was Instrumental in Amending the Mobile Homes Act

Much of the life and the career of Barry Weir, mobile homes professional has involved the skilled maintenance and development of high-quality mobile home communities, each one managed with the purpose of providing owners a peaceful, safe and welcoming place to call home. His foray into the mobile homes field began in home design, which included the inception of stunning, spectacular mobile homes that provided owners a high level of aesthetic appeal and efficient function.

Weir’s designs quickly caught the eye of both colleagues and customers, and began to sell at an incredibly high rate. With business booming and is reputation growing, Barry Wei, mobile homes professional decided to make his way into the field of mobile homes community management, where he quickly became known for skill as a responsible, dedicated and dependable parks manager.

It was around this time that his mobile homes parks were thrown into a freehold holding company, which subsequently led to his properties being leased to a trading firm. As with the case of all other mobile home communities located throughout the region, the leases came up, and many of Barry Weir, mobile homes’ residents came face-to-face with the prospect of homelessness. Not one to stand on the sidelines, Weir came to the passionate defense of his residents, energetically making the contributions needed to amend the existing legislation, which, in turn, led to rehousing for every resident.

As a result of this issue, the call came to make amendments to the 1983 Mobile Homes Act, which had omitted certain precautionary details that would have protected the rights of mobile home owners. As an established leader in the mobile home industry, Barry Weir, mobile homes expert and reputable authority, spearheaded the effort to pass the 2013/2014 Mobile Homes Act, ensuring that the necessary measures were taken to create better protection for mobile homeowners in such circumstances.

Barry Weir, mobile homes professional is proud of his success as a leading professional behind the 2013/2014 Mobile Homes Act, and continues to advocate for mobile homeowners, and communities, throughout Scotland and beyond. He is optimistic about the future of the mobile home industry.


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