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Dov Rand MD Passes Written Boards in Anti-Aging Medicine

Dov Rand MD is a certified medical doctor living in New Jersey. His specialty is anti-aging medicine. Dov Rand MD has had over 7 years of experience in this field, and in this span of time, has risen to be one of the top doctors in this field. In December of 2012, Dov Rand MD passed his written boards in anti-aging medicine. Along with this success, Dov Rand MD plans on taking his oral boards in anti-aging medicine in the very near future.

Some aspects of anti-aging medicine that Dov Rand MD deals with are facial rejuvenation and vitamin therapy. With aging comes many new health concerns that can catch people off guard. This includes the possibility to new diseases and new susceptibility to health concerns. In order to fully be prepared to handle these cases, Dov Rand MD makes sure to stay up to date with his certifications and knowledge of procedures. We see this by Dov Rand MD successfully passing his written board for anti-aging medicine.

“I take my job very seriously. In dealing with anti-aging medicine, a lot of my patients are not familiar with these new challenges and threats to their health that aging brings. In order to help these patients cope with and more fully understand these threats to their health, I make sure I am positively up to date with any new procedures and information on these subjects,” Dov Rand MD said about treating patients in the anti-aging medicine field.

Dov Rand MD is also a member of A4M, or the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Being a member of this, Dov Rand MD is first to know about any new medical findings or information that could prove helpful for his patients. He normally visits any seminars or conferences that A4M puts on to make sure he is current and up to date on everything in his field of work.


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