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How To Spend a Great Day on Australia– You Should Know

Immigration took less than an hour, I got my luggage within 20 minutes, and I didn’t even have to pay anyone off… Oh right, I’m in Australia now. It didn’t stop there though, the reverse culture shock of being in a first world English speaking country continued:

  • “Can I get a coffee?” I asked
  • “What kind would you like?” he replied.
  • “Huh? Something black.” What kind of question is this I was thinking…
  • “Well we have lattes, cappuccinos, mochas,” he continued.

Ahh right there are options besides instant black, I forgot about that. Then when I proceeded to ask for some milk, the questions endured, “Cream, nonfat, soy?”, “Really just anything white”… since when did ordering a coffee become so difficult.

Then there were the grocery stores, when 7/11 has been your go to for the past 6 months, the selection here seems overwhelming. I felt like I was making a significant life choice, but really it was just breakfast.

It took me a few more days to get accustomed to these first world problems, but before I knew it, it felt just like home. If they could learn to drive on the right side of the road and get rid of their funny accent Australia, would feel just like America. Oh yea, and they call Burger King, Hungry Jacks, WTF. I now ate McDonalds because it was the only thing I could afford, instead of because it being the only food that was recognizable.

I felt a bit out of place here in my backpacker clothes, apparently shit-catchers aren’t really a thing in Australia. With Sydney, the dress seemed even more extreme, it was either workout clothes or business attire. I don’t think they even know what casual clothes are, or maybe my definition is just a bit skewed.

My first few days seemed to be just adjusting to this new way of life. Elder came to visit and we stayed in a hotel, I don’t even know the last time I haven’t shared a room with 6 other random quirky strangers. The shower poured out warm water, included shampoo, and I didn’t have to wear flip flops . I might be able to get used to this, although I keep reminding myself, the next two weeks would merely be more of a vacation from traveling than my new lifestyle. Oh well, better enjoy it while it lasts.


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