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Navigation Through The MBA Jungle Related Information

Themed “ connecting knowledge ” is an independent and neutral platform concerning the content MBA. It provides background information about part- time, full- time or superintendent MBA & Master’s programs of accredited business seminaries worldwide. It’s main purpose is to give navigation tools for its five target groups in order to guide them through the MBA jungle.

Prospective scholars

In the databases prospective scholars can search, find and compare suitable MBA and Master’s study programs and business seminaries- according to their selection criteria. likewise they can request information without obligation and communicate the separate provider of the program directly. Other features include-mail advice from MBA experts and the MBA word center which provides information concerning the MBA world, including the newest MBA rankings, information about literacy and literature tips.

Current MBA scholars, MBA graduates and employers

In the MBA community MBA scholars and graduates can link with thousands of other prospective MBA scholars, current MBA scholars and MBA graduates. They can find implicit employers and present their biographies in an expansive way using videotape, audio, filmland and textbook. piecemeal from furnishing a networking tool the MBA community offers interviews with experts, business academy biographies and online lectures.

fresh features include guiding for writing a Master’s thesis and job data base where employers can put their job offers online in order to retain MBA graduates from around the world. likewise recruiting service offers tips for companies who plan to hire an MBA.

Business Seminaries

For business provides marketing tools at a good price/ rate performance. Partner seminaries can present their association and study programs to prospective MBA scholars worldwide. In addition they’re handed with marketing tools for the publication of press releases and events. likewise business seminaries can acquire largely good and detailed connections form aspirant service.

The MBA Geo Map

In order to live up to the prospects of an educational platform, provides an interactive chart. Business seminaries, implicit employers, MBA scholars and MBA graduates can be set up on Geo Map and are geographically displayed.
“ We’ve used a veritably high investment volume and know- how concerning the information and communication technology because we want to offer our community members commodity new and unique on a free of charge base ”, explains Klaus Folger, MBA, one of the directors of network.

piecemeal from the English platform network includes the which were launched especially for the German and French speaking areas.


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