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When A Judge Can’t Judge , by author Nelson L. Moody

Greatness is defined as,1. being beyond the average; 2. markedly superior in character, quality or skill, mighty ,intense; 3. eminent, grand; 4. excellent, fine. Though difficult to achieve, it has never been difficult to maintain. In my time of living I have achieved this title greatness as well.

Author Nelson L. Moody Sr. has been fighting a battle that is usually forfeited daily by males in America. He has been in the ring defending his title of the definition of a man, father and most importantly, “a dad”. He has had the scar of growing up fatherless in Baltimore, Maryland. His actions of finding his father and being an ideal father for his kids would put them in a better situation than he was as a child. This growing epidemic is a plague to society as a whole. It is more in the urban Afro-American community, but these days overlooks race. It does not care about any components of the social caste system. One man has the anti-virus and is showing new hope with his cure. My dad has always been, in my eyes the definition of a “daddy.” I have always admired and tried to replicate myself to be as he was and is today. I’ve questioned some things he did as I was growing up when I thought my way was better. Like a million ways to eat chocolate candy, parents have different techniques to raise a child. Just as he is proud to my father, I am ever more proud to be his son.

As a soldier in The U.S. Army I measure my success the same way I measure it in all passions of life. I may accomplish something and not benefit immediately, but in due time myself and others would profit. I’ve always been a man of virtue, standard and courage. I believe I had no choice. As far back as I can remember, I was titivated by my father. Whether scolding me for my wrong actions, promoting me for my success or supporting me in my endeavors, he was there every step of the way.

I seek counsel in him for relationship guidance, life improvements or even future goals and dreams. He views me as a trophy symbolizing all he has worked for that has now passed on. Though on a wall or showcase I do not go, my path in life is highly favored by him and he would not expect anything but the best. A debt to him in which all the money I will not be able to repay. Yet he holds a bent paper plate of mine. A plate of a face with buttons for eyes, yarn for hair and kindergarten drawings for other facial features. Somewhere lies stacks of certificates of achievements, honor roll and perfect attendance. I don’t know where they are, for those are elementary achievements when I was young.

To a special dad they are priceless possessions. He may think he is in debt to me for my success, but that is an issue never discussed. My dad is an amazing individual. He may not be worldly known yet, in the community where I was raised he was a monarch figure. I strive to be on the same level. Read this book and his others and you will also want to follow him.

For yet a little while, and the wicked shall not be: yea, thou shalt diligently consider his place, and it shall be.

But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.

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When A Judge Can’t Judge – About The Book – This book illustrates how one man single-handedly represented himself, with no law degree, in The Supreme Court of the United States. It also depicts the difficulties that he was forced to overcome, including how everyone involved kept shifting the blame, and didn’t want to investigate his case or listen to his reasoning. The opposing side never gave him a run for his money or challenged anything that he presented to any court. Mr. Moody went from The Circuit Court of Maryland in Baltimore City to The Supreme Court of The United States.

When A Judge Can’t Judge – Part Two (The Conclusion) – About The Book – This is the follow up book to “When A Judge Can’t Judge.” This book concludes the story of his treatment in the Baltimore, Maryland court system. In the story, he is still representing himself in the case. The opposing side is not able to produce any facts, proof, evidence, credible witnesses or pertinent information to serve “what’s in the child’s best interest,” according to The Annotated Code of Maryland Family Law. If nothing was done wrong on July 1, 1996, he would not have taken his case to The Supreme Court of the United States. All Nelson L. Moody Sr. wanted was justice.

Men Are Loving, Caring, Parents, Too – About The Book – This book is simply about a father’s bonding between him and his child/children while he/she/they are still in the womb. It’s an emotional moment in the man’s life that touches him spiritually, mentally, psychologically and emotionally.

A Father’s Self-Representation Hosea 4:6 (Eliminating the middleman-the attorney) – About The Book – This book will clearly show a father how to represent himself in the judicial system in reference to custody of his child/children for the good reasons and not for vindictive, spiteful or cunning reasons. This book will also improve the life of a father’s child/children spiritually, mentally, psychologically, emotionally, intimately, socially and eventually economically.


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